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My accounts and / or settings do not sync across my devices



  • Kivian Chen

    it doesn't work for me ...

    i had done these setting, but still noting been sync...

  • Jeremy Sanchez (jeremysanchez)

    I am also having trouble with this feature. I have followed the above instructions and my accounts and settings are still not syncing. 

  • Robert

    Unfortunately it does not work for me on macos either.

  • steph Seguin

    Same problem here...

  • Andrew Davison

    And another here, I had to set everything up separately on each device.

  • Taylor

    I downloaded the Canary Pro mail app first to my Mac Pro desktop computer.  I set it up with font preferences, signature line, names, company info., colors, and other preferences.

    Then I downloaded the app to my Mac book Pro and my iPhone 11.

    I am only using the Canary Pro mail app for my work email address, which is, hosted by gmail.

    My font default preferences, signature line, name of the account, and other preferences that I set up from my Mac Pro desktop computer did not sync to my laptop or phone. 

    I researched help/support here on and found the support NOT helpful, which seems to be par for the course unfortunately.  :-(

    I then deleted the app from my iPhone 11 and Mac book pro and then re-downloaded it. 

    When the newly downloaded app on the Mac book pro opens up it says, "Welcome to Canary" and you have to click "Continue".  Then, it goes to "Get Started" page and you have the option to click "Add Account" or "Already use Canary?".  I clicked on "Already use Canary" and the QR code reader opened up the camera on my laptop.  I then scanned the QR code from the Canary app on my mac pro desktop computer (go to Preferences, then "Cloud Sync".  Then the Canary app on my laptop went to a "Syncing" page and displayed the loading wheel and "In Progress" at the bottom.

    I went through the same process on my iPhone 11; deleted the app, re-downloaded it, then opened the app and clicked "Continue".  But the next page is different than on the laptop, it says, "Add Account" and has the various email services listed and at the bottom an option for "Other".  In the upper right corner is an option to "Restore".  I clicked on "Restore" and the QR code reader opened up my camera on my iPhone 11, then I scanned the QR code from the Canary App on my Mac Pro desktop computer.  The Canary app on my iPhone 11 then went to the "Syncing" page and displayed the loading wheel and "In Progress" at the bottom, same as on the Mac Pro desktop.

    Unfortunately, after all of this, it appears that the sync did not take effect.  The "Syncing" page seemed to be perpetually "In Progress".  On my iPhone the phone would automatically lock and when I unlocked it, the Canary app would be closed and I would have to restart the process.  I tried three times on my iPhone 11.

    Canary app developers, this is an 8 month old thread.  Please fill us in on how to use the QR codes to sync across devices.  

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  


  • Taylor

    Could it be that this feature is not working because I have not paid the $19.99?  I am on the thirty day free trial of the Canary Pro app. 


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