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My accounts and / or settings do not sync across my devices



  • Taylor

    Could it be that this feature is not working because I have not paid the $19.99?  I am on the thirty day free trial of the Canary Pro app. 

  • Swainer (swainer)

    I have a Pro account and it still doesnt work.  I have an iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad and none of them will sync.  I deleted the apps on different devices and scanned bar codes and get the same "no Progress" bar for hours.  Anyone got a fix or trick on this yet?  Support was no help.  They told me to reinstall and I did and it simply does not work.  Please help!

  • SJ COX

    I am having the same problem as well.  Restore via QR Code locks the Syncing process on my iPHONE.  I used the QR code generated in my iMAC macOS Big Sur.  If I restore via iCLOUD, the purchase license and configurations don’t transfer.  I’ve deleted and reinstalled the iOS APP several times.  Once you have tried to QR sync, the Canary APP removes frozen to the QR method of syncing window with camera portal.

    So far customer service has not been helpful on this issue.

  • SJ COX

    UPDATE- Customer service did respond and provided guidance to solving this issue-

    1. The “Canary Pro” license DOES NOT work across both MacOS and iOS devices. You must purchase a license for both operating systems.
    2. I had two iOS devices and two MacOS devices to configure
    3. Uninstall Canary Apps from ALL my MAC and iOS devices. 
    4. Add the Canary App to one of the MacOS devices and insure the “Canary Pro” license is active based on your account ID.  And insure that the “SYNC” across but
    5. INSTRUCTIONS PER PHOEBE [Customer Service]

    6. Please make sure you have a good internet connection.
    7. Please uninstall Canary from all the devices.

    8. Add Canary to one of the MacOS devices and set up everything on that device.

    9. Then install Canary one by one on all the other MacOS devices.

    10. Follow this process for all the MacOS devices -  Make sure to toggle ON Cross-Device Sync on the first device (iMAC Pro). Then open Canary on the other device (MacBook Air), tap on 'Continue', choose “Restore > Restore Settings via QR Code”  &

    11. (You can do the camera snapshot or the drag-drop image) scan of the QR Code from the first MacOS device by pointing the other device (MacBook Air) to the first device (iMac Pro). You can find the QR Code on the MacBook via Canary Mail > Preferences > General > Cloud Sync.


      For other macOS devices, Please try drag & drop of QR Code from the first device (iMac Pro) - Take a screenshot of the QR Code on first macOS device, send it to your other macOS devices, and then drag & drop that image onto the QR Code import screen.


    13. Repeat these steps for the iOS devices after you have purchased a “seperate” license for the iOS operating system devices.


    Need to purchase seperate lic for ios and macbook pro os so 19.99 x 2 thanks for the heads up

  • Dave Ulrich

    It is unacceptable that it is not made EXTREMELY clear that you have to buy separate licenses for different devices. I would have never in my wildest dreams dropped $40 to check mail on my Mac and iPhone. I will be pursuing a refund—even though I know that Apple is not very good about that.


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