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  • Anthony Wertz

    Can you elaborate a bit more about features? e.g., how does undo work? Does it wait some period of time before sending? Is that time configurable? What is "thread selection"? "Select your thread from oldest to newest?" Some options are obvious, some are not and I'm stuck guessing what it might mean since they don't appear documented anywhere.

  • Kevin Wilson

    Hm... my preferences don't look like this... and I seem to be missing several of the options listed here. What am I doing wrong?

  • Vince Difiore

    I have the same issue and I just emailed the support.

    I hope we can get a response to this questions soon otherwise I will be requesting a refund. There are some key customizations options listed in the above article that are critical for me.


  • Jan J. Stefanów

    In the 3.0 version for MacOS I miss the possibility of having several signatures as it was until now. Now you give me only the possibilty of one signature per account or ONE signature for all accounts. I would like to have a couple of them for all accounts and can choose it redacting the message as it was until now. Could you, please, put it back?

  • Eric Carbone

    All these images seem to be from version 2.0. I am in the same boat as Kevin above. Seems in version 3.0, all these screens very different with far fewer options. Are these coming back?

  • James Minor

    I am in same boat as Eric and Kevin (above). Just downloaded 1.5 weeks ago, upgraded to Pro. Seem to be on a lesser version.


  • Matheus Silva

    Just downloaded and no customization at all for composing emails. The font size is very small and I want to put it bigger, but that option doesn’t exist in the preferences… Thanks I’m still in the 30 day trial period. If that doesn’t change, sorry, not buying it.

  • André Buck

    A switch under security for "Show link target in status bar" would be nice! Or as default, a tooltip of the real URL under a hyperlink.

    Even as I don't load remote content and rarely click those links, I like to easily see, what's behind them.

  • Jason Wells


    Today I opened Canary as I had received an email from a school admin on my phone, opened up Canary and couldn't find the email! Then finally I found it, somehow it was misbundled into an email from an embassy official, totally unrelated and they were jumbled together as if sent from the same sender.

    That's a problem.

    Second, I went to email an architect today, drag & dropped an image of a house and what attached to my email? MEDICAL RECORDS. How on earth - I have NO idea, I've never seen this in any email app on my mac in the three decades I've been an Apple user.

    Something very wrong here.

  • Brycewkirk

    This may be a stupid question, but is there no way to add a hyperlink? The near-universal CMD+K doesn't work and there's no link button in the text settings...

  • Gautam Lakum

    I went for the Pro version blindly and found that it's missing some basic features.

    1. There's no way to customize the email read and compose preferences. The text is too small to read.
    2. There's no option to auto-bcc emails. Every time I send an email, I will have to add a bcc email manually.
    3. Overall UI seems too compact, not comfortable like Gmail. It feels boring to use it.
    4. Contact profiles don't have enough details to show. I was expecting I will get to know more details about contacts.
  • Jeremy A Theil

    Need to provide more detail on the preferences. For example it is not clear what the items under security mean.

  • CC Lee

    I'm having a hard time to use Canary due to the font size. Is this built for human or machine?


  • Christophe Galland

    PLEASE consider integrating "delayed sending" to the features on this otherwise wonderful app. This is something Polymail is excellent at, and a very useful feature for many!

  • Ahl032

    As others have said, please implement the ability to adjust font size both in the message list and in the email composition window.

  • Teresa Buckley

    Please add the ability to set the frequency of checking for mail.

  • Diego Cosmelli

    +1 Christophe above: delayed sending exists in Gmail, Spark, Polymail... Please consider adding this feature.

    Also, being restricted to one signature per account is a real bummer. It's important to be able to choose signature when composing an email.

  • Rdewit

    +1 Christophe: Delayed sending would be really nice! It prevented many mistakes for me in the past ;-) (when I used Spark).

    Only signatures for accounts is a real bummer like Diego Cosmelli mentioned. Most mail clients have the ability to make separate signatures per email-alias. That would be ideal. Please add signatures for aliases!


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