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Does Canary offer a free trial?



  • Jason Trenkler

    I hope you are in the process of updating the Mac app to work as smooth and quickly as the iOS app. 

  • Roman

    8 month gone. Any news about trial version?
    Very interested in your app but need to test it before buying.

  • Xavier Paredes

    You have to be kidding.  How can you expect people to pay $20 blind with no trial? What's wrong with you?

  • Auggie Fisher

    I first downloaded the app on my iPhone a long time ago - months ago, or a year even - only to find out my email address at that time could not be added. So, I did not get to use the trial.

    Fast forward to today, and my new email address is supported. The only problem is, I cannot actually trial the pro version because my "trial" has expired.

    Can anyone at Canary help re-activate the trial for me so I can test the pro version with my daily use email account?

  • Sam Miller

    Same issue for me as above.  I would like to try out the calendar and mail combo, but would like to try first.  Anyway to do that?



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