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Filtering Messages in Canary



  • Luis

    The filter to filter only Personal Emails from Gmail, is what got me to like Canary more than any other email service. However, there are some times when it doesn't work. Has that happen to anyone else? Could someone in the team tell me how to fix this? Thanks!

  • A T

    In addition, implementing filters for search results would be huge.

    Canary seems to have some weird one off issues.

  • paulw

    Is it possible to sort a message list by anything other than most recent? Sorting by sender, for example, would be useful.

  • Dennis O. Madsen

    Agree the lack of sorting by sender so you can mark and deal with lots of post at the same time, is something that makes me consider deleting canary again.

    Also lack of smart filters, and especially flags.

  • Michał M

    The functionality looks different on my machine than on the screenshot. I’d prefer the one from the screenshot. Is it possible to get it or was it an older version? If the latter it seems like a regression for me...


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