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Styling Text in Canary



  • Isabel Lascurain

    I can't find how to set a font as default. Please help. 

  • Peter Fuhren

    Same here. It's mentioned in the release notes and here.

    But I can't find it anywhere.

  • Kellie D. Morgantini

    Same Here. I want the default font to stay.


    telling us the feature is there is NOT the same as saying how to get there.....


    Kellie D. Morgantini


  • Les Hewlett

    Ditto, here. I almost need glasses PLUS a microscope to read the default text in my copy of Canary! The format choices are styling only - no options to change the font or text size.

    Please offer some help. We paid $$ for this!

  • Peter Fuhren

    You actually CAN change font, style and size. You just can't set a default setting.

    I'm mailing support on this matter and a related subject. Don't get any suitable response unfortunately. Mainly "sorry for slow response" and no real answer. I'm almost giving up.

    And you're right. I paid for v1, v2 and v3.
    Giving support doesn't seem to be part of the business model though :(

  • Jake

    I thought for a moment I’d found it (where to set styles, like the hyperlink color), but these menu choices don’t seem to function at all; kind of like the image attachment button in this comment field. Screenshot: 

  • Jose Manuel Alayeto Pinzón

    WHERE IS IT????

  • Peter Fuhren

    It isn't there (anymore?)
    It was in the release notes, but is is removed again (???)
    WHY ?!?!?!

  • Peter Fuhren

    While it’s still mentioned in the (587) release notes, it still isn’t there (anymore??)

    C’mon, how hard can it be to add ONE default setting??

    And how hard is it to reply and answer btw?



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